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no-C-em four player checkers rules

Download no-C-em Rule (pdf)

Click here to see a video showing how to play no-C-em four player checkers in only 3 minutes!

The entire set of rules is only two pages (with pictures), but you should really watch the video above first!

House Rule Additions (Optional)

We really like the current set of rules for no-C-em. They are simple, fun and allow for a great game. But there is always room for some more experimentation! If you come up with a fun house rule, let us know and we will make it available for others to enjoy as well.

Lemming Deckers

The Lemming Deckers house rule would make it impossible to elliminate a player. As soon as a player's last piece is jumped, that player immediately gets a Double Decker starting anywhere in the homezone across from them. Completely crazy idea!

Author: Adam F-K